Work With Colin Farish

Composer / Arranger
Colin Farish composes music for documentary film soundtracks, dance scores, musical theater and orchestral and vocal commissions. Colin has a special interest in composing symphonic music that features world music elements and music for two pianos.

Sound Producer
Colin Farish has produced scores of albums for other artists focusing primarily on acoustic music. He had produced diverse artists ranging from classical pianists to Tibetan vocalists. From inception and pre-production through mastering and completion, Colin consistently inspires great performances from the artists he works with.

Video Producer
He has co-directed multi-camera video shoots of live performance sessions at several recording studios throughout the San Francisco Bay area and can support video shoot pre-production and production work. 

Home Recording Studio
His home studio boasts a 7’ Mason and Hamlin concert grand piano, a Yamaha midi Disclavier, two surround sound monitoring systems, the latest audio software including ProTools and Logic and the latest video editing software: Premiere, Avid and Final Cut. In addition, he has a voluminous sample library and is fluent in the production of midi scores.

Work With Colin

Colin is available for a one-time 30-minute free phone consultation to discuss your musical ideas and creative projects. Together you will then decide if and how to hire Colin as a producer, composer, arranger, or musician. A simple Memorandum of Agreement is developed for the terms of the hire and a work plan with timeline is then outlined. Please contact Colin at to set up a free phone consultation.